Welcome to drummer/producer/composer Craig Pilo’s official website!!


Ever wanted music with way too much drumming? Drop by  iTunes and download your copy today!


Drum Tracks

Want Craig to play drums on your project?

Upload WAV files below and then drop Craig an EMAIL explaining your goals, favorite drum sounds (with links to examples) and Craig will get back to you with a timeline and pricing for your approval.

Upload files
Upload Directory: uploads


You can easily bounce your project to one stereo track and upload that or for BETTER RESULTS, bounce your session to 3 or 4 tracks:

1) Bass

2) Vocals

3) Keys/Guitars

4) Everything else (strings/horns/background vocals etc)


Drum Lessons

Craig is currently on sabbatical from teaching privately and at the California College of Music.   You can check out a video on his teaching philosophy HERE, but feel free to  drop Craig an EMAIL regarding lessons.


Groove Tower Music

Craig partnered with Chris Smith (Jefferson Starship) in 2009 to begin creating custom music for TV/Film.  

Since then, their music has been featured in hundreds of TV shows and you can view a partial list on IMDB.COM.  Groove Tower Music was born in 2020 and will serve as the new location for TV Production Music moving forward.  Groove Tower has it’s own website and can be seen here:


If you are a producer, production company, music supervisor, or editor in need of music for your film/show/commercial, please use the contact form and let us help you fill your musical needs!