Originally from Connecticut, Craig Pilo graduated from the University of North Texas in 1995 with a Bachelors Degree in Music. In the fall of 1996 he moved to Los Angeles where he resides today. In 1997 Craig did the fall tour with famed trumpeter Maynard Ferguson to promote his One More Trip To Birdland CD. Craig attributes his early success to some of his private teachers Alan Dawson, Ed Soph, Dave Weckl, and Jeff Hamilton.

From 1998 until 2002 Craig worked around Los Angeles and maintained a regular schedule with Player (Baby Come Back), a few local artists and did sessions for TV, Film, and local artist CDís. A partial list of credits from this period includes: Ally McBeal, Boston Public, Sex In the City, CSI Miami, Malcolm In the Middle, Sabrina, The Osbornes, and the movies Basic and Dirty Dancing II Havana Nights. Some of the other artists include: Billy Vera, Malo, Heatwave, Blue Magic, Deniece Williams, Chris Montez, and Danny Weis (Iron Butterfly). 

In the Spring of 2002 Craig began playing regularly with Pat Boone. He did several tours over the next few years and recorded for a few of Pats CDís. Craig played on the title cut Under God for the re-release of Patís American Glory CD released in 2002. In 2004 Craig broke away from his regular gigs and began playing with Angela Carole Brown and did a few tours with the Red Elvises. Each project produced a CD that included Craig on the drums. The Red Elvises recorded and released a live CD from one of the concerts in Russia and Angela Carole Brown recorded and released The Slow Club. Craig was a major part of Angela Carole Brown's Slow Club Quartet, which was a featured act at the Playboy Jazz Festival the following year.

In October of 2005, Craig joined Rock N Roll Hall of fame singer Frankie Valli in his touring band. Over the next 3 years, in addition to approximately 80 dates a year with Frankie, Craig managed to squeeze in shorter tours with Edgar Winter, Player, perform locally in Los Angeles with Angela Carole Brown and Margo Reymundo, and release his first solo CD Just Play. Craig produced and played on Expressionism by the Slow Club Quartet (2008 featuring Angela Carole Brown, Ed Czach and Don Kasper) and a few tracks on My Heart's Desire by Margo Reymundo. 

In April of 2011 Craig released his second solo CD, Unsupervised and continued touring with Frankie Valli. On non-touring days, he became a full time recording artist both solo, and for those that employed his services at his home studio. By 2011 Craig had been tracking drums on remote projects for nearly 6 years and could deliver high quality drum tracks to anyone with internet access in a variety of formats. 

From 2012 through the present, Craig has become more in demand, and busier than ever. He's performed throughout Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the UK, and most of the US with Frankie Valli. Craig got a lot of camera time on the PBS special A Capitol 4th with Frankie Valli July 4, 2014 at the US Capitol. There were 300,000 in attendance and an additional 6 million TV viewers. In the summer of 2013 Craig joined the Las Vegas Company of Jersey Boys for a few weeks, played with Maxine Nightingale, and began teaching part time at the California College of Music in Pasadena. 

Craig completed his 3rd solo release in the fall of 2014. Drummer Boy was released on CD Baby and iTunes and received national airplay for nearly 6 straight weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

By 2015, after nearly 10 years of tracking drums at his home studio, Craig expanded his home recording business to include composing and producing custom music for TV and Film. His music has been featured in Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Catfish, Access Hollywood, Bad Dog, Real Life - The Musical, Dog the Bounty Hunter, and the 2012 Emmy Awards. You can see a partial list of his credits at:
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Royal Albert Hall 2015 w/ the London Symphony Orchestra  
Photo by Christie Goodwin


Royal Albert Hall 2015 w/ the London Symphony Orchestra  
Photo by Christie Goodwin


Saban Theater 2013  
Photo by Lindsay George